Areas of Coaching


  • for clients with managerial authority and responsibility in an organisation. Helps with as time-management, motivation, communication, managing stress, innovative thinking, leadership, and work–life balance.


  • for business owners looking for strategies to establish, grow and/or adapt their business. Helps with goal setting, motivation and stress management.


  • for non-executive employees within a workplace settings. Helps with individual and team performance, motivation, team building, change management, and specific workplace problems.


  • coaching for career change and transition, whether voluntary or forced, or re-entering the workforce. Helps identify personal strengths, interests and motivations relevant to job satisfaction.

Health & Wellness

  • helps people identify and change lifestyle patterns that have a negative effect on health. Involves focusing on nutrition, exercise, stress, and work-life balance.

Life cycle/stages

  • addresses changes or transitions associated with particular stages of life, such as changes in family structure, retirement, and changes in an individual’s sense of purpose.


  • addresses issues that affect a person’s ability to have successful relationships.


  • focuses on personal issues and tends to not be conducted in the workplace. It takes a holistic approach in which clients examine and evaluate their life and make life-enhancing changes.