• helps people identify what they want and desire in life and guide them towards achieving this.
  • is a process of transformation and sustained behavioural change.
  • applies established psychological approaches that focus on solutions not problems.
  • opens up possibilities for enhancing life experiences, work performance and personal well-being.

What Coaching is Not

  • Consulting –  telling a client the answers based on expert knowledge.

Coaching facilitates learning and goal attainment by asking the right questions, providing insight and clarity.

  • Mentoring – passing down personalised knowledge.

Coaching facilitates self-directed learning and development.

  • Training –  teaching behavioural skills.

Coaching is about creating sustained shifts in behaviour, feelings and thinking.

  • Counselling/Therapy focusing on problems and their causes.

Coaching emphasises new competencies and skills.

Coaching is not about providing the answer or taking on responsibility for the client’s issues.

Pathways Coaching empower people to believe they have what it takes to succeed.