Why Pathways Coaching?

The coaching industry is booming as peoples’ desire to find fulfilment in all areas of our lives increases. Unfortunately, In Australia, coaching is unregulated so anyone can call themselves a coach and the demand is being met by individuals who do not have adequate qualifications or experience.

At Pathways Coaching, we have:

  • Master in Coaching Psychology from the University of Sydney, which hosts the world’s first university-based Coaching Psychology Unit.

Graduates of the University of Sydney’s Coaching Psychology Unit are professionally trained in methods and techniques that are based on scientific evidence.

We also are:

  • Registered Psychologists with the Australian Health Professionals Regulation Agency (AHPRA).

This is important given the high prevalence of mental health issues in the community.

Most coaches are not trained to deal with mental health issues. However, if there are psychological issues preventing an individual from reaching their goals, a Psychologist may be better able to help the individual resolve these.

The Specialist Coaching Psychologists at Pathways Coaching offer the best of both worlds; they are highly trained in both coaching and psychology.

So, they are better able to offer the right guidance for people requiring additional help or facing psychological blocks to achieving their goals.